Blue Superhero Cape Set With Silver Cirlce And Black Lightning Bolt Mask And Wristbands

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set with blue cape silver liner
  • Complete set transforms your child to a superhero!
  • Includes lightening bolt cape, mask and wristbands
  • Option to add initial and/or name
  • Initial goes across the design
  • Name goes above design
  • Cape made with poly satin material for superhero effect
  • Vinyl is flexible and moves with the cape
  • Velcro neck closure is safe and easy to use
  • Recommended age 2-8 years
  • Measure 20" from the bottom of the neck and down
  • Blue mask in photo recommended for ages 2-7
  • Blue wristbands recommended for ages 3-adult
  • Don't forget to get a matching superhero t-shirt!