This is a featured story of The Hero Behind The Cape! It is my absolute favorite part of the business to share with you these inspirational little heroes! This story is about a little boy named Sam and his journey with cancer. In  May of 2016 at the age of 4 he was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, a form of pediatric brain cancer.  He is a fighter and very determined to win this battle! 

A a few fun things about Sam, he is a extremely smart, funny and just loooooooves is baby sister! They play together every chance they get despite his challenging situation. He is an ordinary 4 year old with a love for superheroes and his family believes that is the driving force behind his bravery and determination. 

In March of 2016, his mother, Amanda Hodnett began to notice an issue with his eye. “I was the only one who noticed,” Amanda Hodnett said. “Something only a mother would notice.” After a short amount of time passing she decided it was time to take him in to get it checked out. They recommended an MRI and before they had time to process what was happening he underwent an 8 hour surgery to remove the mass that was pushing on his brain. 

Chemo treatments began immediately along with constant prayer! Sam adopted a new name, Super Sam and while some days are better than others he continues to fight with a superhero kind of strength. In August, his scans came back clear and as of today he has only one more round of chemo left! The Cape Lady continues to follow his story and we do post updates on him from time to time. It is heroes like him that truly inspire us and are the driving force behind our passion. We are so proud of you Super Sam!