Who is The Cape Lady?

My name is Alicia, I am founder and owner of The Cape Lady.  This fast growing and fun business started in July of 2015, just after my twins were born and my oldest was turning 3. I guess you can say I am the type of person that likes to stay busy! This business was not just an idea that came to be but it was more of a realization from a first-hand experience that filled me with a passion to bring others joy and encouragement.

One day I was at a local event and I saw a little boy 18 months old waddle by in a Superman cape. It was not only the cutest thing I had ever seen but it was melting the hearts of everyone he passed by. I struck up a conversation with his mother and had asked her why she chose to get him a Superman cape of all the heroes. She turned to look at me and said, he was born with a rare heart defect and that he had gone through more surgeries than she could keep up with. Through it all he remained so strong and so brave. She then told me, that they call him their little Superman. Watching him in his cape after hearing this had a whole new meaning and it was in that moment I knew this was something I had to explore. Their was something so empowering and special about watching him play in his cape, knowing that he was in fact a real hero. I had to find a way to make capes for real heroes like him, and I knew this with every piece of my heart.

Everything about this adventure felt so right and I was eager to get started, even though I had no clue what I was doing. I began my research, invested in some equipment and began the trial and error process. I remember making my first cape, it took me close to three hours! I felt so discouraged that I could never have a thriving business if it was going to take me that long for each one. Well, I kept at it and didn't give up because I was driven by a passion. A passion to touch the hearts of people who fight real battles every day and for people who have overcome the most challenging of circumstances.

Superhero capes may be just a simple peice of fabric but they hold so much power because of what they symbolize. And that is heroism. Once they go on an incredible transformation takes place. A transformation that is infectious to everyone around that person. After getting more comfortable with my process and product that I was developing, I decided to take my first big leap and open an Etsy shop. In just a year it has grown significantly, leading me to the next step which is this website! My goal is to do more than just sell capes, I want to make a real impact on as many people as I can. Below is a story that NBC5 did on us and it was our first of many big accomplishments to come!

The key to happiness is finding something you love and using it to make others happy.  Thank you for reading our story and we hope that our capes make you as happy as they make us! :)